Bacharach Institute for Rehabilitation in Pomona, NJ - History and Mission


Bacharach was founded in 1924, as a hospital for children with polio.  From these modest beginnings, we’ve been dedicated to evolving and innovating care.  Over the years, Bacharach has become one of the leading destinations for serious care for stroke, brain and spinal cord injuries.

Today, we boast a host of services -- from speech and hearing centers to joint care and pain management ... and so much more.  And because we know you can’t always make it to our main campus, we’ve grown to offer satellite offices near where you live. 

Whether we’re treating a minor fracture or helping a serious stroke patient recover his mobility, our mission remains the same:  to offer unparalleled care so you get back to your way of life, faster than you ever thought possible.

Mission Statement

Restoring independence and well-being through quality, caring, advocacy, and accessible interdisciplinary services.

Vision Statement

We will optimize quality of life through innovative community integrated services exceeding customer expectations.

Stroke Program

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Bacharach Main Campus in Pomona, NJ

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