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Aug 05

Dawn Robinson Competes in UTBP's MS Race

Bacharach would like to recognize an amazing young woman named Dawn Robinson for recently becoming the first para-athlete to participate in the Upper Township Beach Patrol’s (UTBP) MS Race. Dawn participated in the five-mile paddleboard race along with non-challenged athletes, including lifeguards and experienced paddlers.  

Dawn is a member of the OC Swim Club’s Unified Team.  The OC Swim Club was launched by Bruckner Chase and his wife Michelle Evans-Chase to provide a safe, positive opportunity for people to experience the water.  In addition to working with non-challenged athletes at a wide range of levels, the OC Swim Club, in partnership with Bacharach, trains athletes with physical challenges.  In 2013, after being approached by his sister-in-law Becky McGill, a Bacharach PT working with spinal cord patients, Bruckner created a post-therapy swimming and paddling program for athletes with spinal cord injuries that would allow Bacharach patients to participate in aquatic sports in the open waters.  This program is called the Unified Team and is open to current and former Bacharach patients at no charge and para-athletes not affiliated with Bacharach at a minimal cost.

Bruckner shared, “I believe Dawn is as strong as any athlete we have trained.  Not only is she the first para-athlete to even take part in the UTBP race, she may also be only one of a handful of para-athletes to take part in a long distance paddleboard event. Dawn’s drive to challenge herself and reconnect with surfing after her injury inspires all individuals – with or without physical challenges. She wants to show everyone that they can accomplish amazing things when they overcome fear.”

Congratulations, Dawn!


Dawn Robinson (center) surrounded by paddlers/competition participants and Bruckner Chase, OC Swim Club Unified Team Co-Founder (immediately to the right of board) after her remarkable finish in the Upper Township Beach Patrol’s 5-Mile Paddleboard Race.  Photo Credit- Tony Mehalic, OCBP

Jul 28

Bacharach Receives Five-Star Rating from

Bacharach’s Renaissance Pavilion was recently awarded the highest five-star rating from This prestigious achievement comes only a few months after receiving Joint Commission Accreditation as a Nursing Care Center with a Certification in Post-Acute Care, making the facility one of only four centers in New Jersey to receive such credentials.


The five-star rating means the Renaissance Pavilion is a superior quality facility. The quality rating system gives each nursing home an overall one to five star rating, as well as three separate one to five star ratings for health inspections, staffing and quality measures.


The health inspection rating comes from the previous three years of onsite inspections. An inspector goes to each nursing home and meticulously follows a process to determine if the facility meets Medicare’s quality requirements. For staffing, Medicare looks at the number of hours of care provided.  The quality measures rating includes information on 11 physical and clinical measures for patients to ensure that all of their needs are being met.


The Renaissance Pavilion is the only facility in Atlantic County to receive a five-star rating. Whether a person had a joint replacement, illness, injury or surgery, it is an ideal setting for rehabilitation. The therapists and nurses help patients rebuild strength and regain their independence through customized, interdisciplinary plans of care and case management specifically tailored to each patient’s needs. Renaissance Pavilion has newly renovated rooms, cable, spacious dining accommodations and is only steps away from a spectrum of services, making it the perfect place for short-term rehabilitation stay.


To learn more about how you or someone you know could benefit from the Renaissance Pavilion, call 609-652-7000.

Jul 22

Sports Medicine Gets Athletes Back in the Game

At Bacharach, our sports medicine team has a unique expertise in treating all types of athletic injuries. Regardless of the level or intensity of an athlete’s sport, our physical therapists use the most innovative techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to get athletes back to tip-top shape.


When an athlete gets injured, many times their mentality is to push themselves and get back into the game as quickly as possible.  However, returning to play too soon can exacerbate the injury and may cause additional irritation and inflammation, resulting in a longer recovery time.


Orthopedic certified specialist Jack Martin, PT (pictured) says, “Prevention is easier than rehabilitation. No injury is insignificant; there is a proper way to return from injury and a way that will put you in jeopardy of re-injury. If you have had an injury that has kept you from your sport, make sure you rehabilitate properly under professional supervision, and return only when you are cleared to play. Otherwise, you may re-injure yourself and be out an even longer time.”


At Bacharach, our goal is to get patients back to their full range of activity, when they are safely healed and ready to go. Along with concussion management, our sports medicine team uses a vast amount of therapies for shoulder, neck, back, elbow, wrist, hip, knee and ankle injuries. They are trained to treat sprains and strains and increase core stabilization to minimalize the injury and get athletes off the sideline and into the game. 


To contact Bacharach’s sports medicine team, call 609-652-7000.

Jul 15

First Annual Ability Fair

First Annual Ability Fair

Bacharach Institute for Rehabilitation and Stockton University are partnering to present the first annual Abilities Convention on September 18, from noon to 5 p.m. at the Stockton Campus Center in Galloway.


The Ability Fair will showcase more than 30 vendors, offering products designed to improve the health and well-being of those who are disabled.  Dozens of agencies will also be available to discuss services available for people with physical challenges. Modeled after similar three-day events held in major cities, the Ability Fair will cater to people who live in South Jersey and the greater Philadelphia region.


Vendors will offer a host of products and services, from durable medical equipment to assistive devices. There will be information on neuro-restorative robot therapy, acupuncture and graded motor imagery for pain relief and functional improvement.


The Ability Fair will also have experts on hand to offer detailed information about how and where to purchase products, options, pricing and so on. 


To date, vendors include ARGO ReWalk, Medtronic, Bioness, Coloplast, Hollister and Permobil.


Many vendors will also offer demonstrations, including the ARGO ReWalk exoskeleton, a battery powered device that enables some spinal cord patients to walk again.  Lucy, the World’s Smallest Therapy Dog, will also be on hand to strut her stuff.


“We hope the Ability Fair becomes an annual event,” said Mary Joyce Perskie, Vice President for Marketing and Business Development at Bacharach Institute for Rehabilitation.  “Stockton University has been a generous and willing partner in this endeavor, and together we think the Ability Fair can have quite an impact.”


In addition to vendors, there will be representatives from a wide variety of agencies, including Faces for Autism, Jewish Family Services and more.


Admission to the Ability Fair is free, and there is plenty of free parking with easy ramp access to the building.  The event is scooter, walker and wheelchair accessible.  To learn more or to register to attend visit

Jul 08

New Joint Commission Accreditation

Bacharach’s Renaissance Pavilion recently earned a Joint Commission Accreditation as a Nursing Care Center with a Certification in Post-Acute Care.


After a joint replacement, illness, injury or surgery, Renaissance Pavilion’s therapists and nurses help patients rebuild strength and regain independence. Each patient has a customized, interdisciplinary plan of care with case management to ensure optimal outcomes and patient satisfaction. Awarded a four-star rating by Medicare, Renaissance Pavilion has newly renovated rooms with cable, spacious dining accommodations and is only steps away from a spectrum of services, making it the perfect place for short-term rehabilitation stay.


The Joint Commission is a nonprofit organization that has accredited and certified more than 20,500 health care organizations and programs in the United States. Their accreditations are nationally recognized and signify an organization’s commitment to meeting performance standards.


Launched in 2013, the Nursing Care Center accreditation is designed to help facilities achieve, demonstrate and maintain consistent excellence in its services. The accreditation is awarded to facilities that focus on patient-centered care, having an experienced staff, key care processes that contribute to patient outcomes and transition of care.


The Post-Acute Care specialty certification provides additional recognition for nursing care centers. It recognizes organizations, like Bacharach, that offer advanced, rehabilitative services for individuals within a nursing care center setting.


To learn more about all that the Renaissance Pavilion has to offer, call 609-652-7000.

Jul 01

Ruth Newman Shapiro Cancer and Heart Fund Donation

Bacharach recently received a generous monetary donation of $72,240 from our friends at the Ruth Newman Shapiro (RNS) Cancer and Heart Fund. This donation will be used to purchase a ReWalk Exoskeleton—a device that spinal cord injury patients wear to walk and stand independently—making Bacharach the only facility in the region to offer a ReWalk for rehabilitation.


Developed by Dr. Amit Goffer, an Israeli inventor who became a quadriplegic after an ATV accident in 1997, ReWalk consists of cutting-edge technology that enables spinal cord patients to stand and walk again by providing powered hip and leg motions. Patients wear a brace support that is individually fit to their body, along with a backpack with a computerized 

control system and motion sensors. Recently approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the ReWalk can be used at home and in the community.


In addition to helping patients independently stand and walk, clinical studies of the ReWalk show significant physiological and psychological health benefits. These benefits include improvements in cardiovascular health, loss of fat tissue and building of lean muscle mass.


The RNS Cancer and Heart Fund is an all-volunteer organization that recently celebrated more than 50 years of dedicated service to the community and has raised more than $15 million to fund programs, services and equipment purchases for hospitals in the region. 


With the help of RNS Cancer and Heart Fund, Bacharach will have a ReWalk exoskeleton permanently available, remarkably changing patients’ lives for the better. 


Photo provided by ReWalk.

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