Bacharach Institute for Rehabilitation in Pomona, NJ - Occupational


Restoring independence. And your way of life.

Occupational Therapy incorporates a full spectrum of treatment options, focused on the goal of restoring independence in the activities of daily living.

Using state-of-the-art diagnostic and therapeutic technology and techniques, Bacharach's Occupational Therapy professionals concentrate on the upper body, specializing in restoring function for everyday tasks: dressing, eating, working, driving and more.

From buttoning a sweater to writing a letter, the OT team helps people with physical limitations get back to independence, through training, exercise and adaptive equipment solutions.

Bacharach's OT Department also offers:

  • Home safety assessment
  • Driver re-education
  • A low-vision specialist
  • Neuro-optometry clinic
  • Dressing skills program
  • Therepeutic recreation 
  • Certified hand therapist
  • BTE PrimusRETM for work hardening

Call the Occupational Therapy Center at (609) 748-6866 or e-mail.

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