#GivingTuesday 2016


In its 5th year, #GivingTuesday is an international day of goodness, kindness and generosity fueled by the power of social media to raise funds for charitable causes.  Celebrated on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, #GivingTuesday is a day to make a donation to your favorite nonprofit organization.


The Bacharach Foundation is very lucky to work with a team of passionate caring employees that support #GivingTuesday.  In the past 2 years, Bacharach employees have given back almost $40,000.  All money raised through Bacharach’s #GivingTuesday campaign is used to support hospital programs.


Please consider giving to the Bacharach Foundation this #GivingTuesday, even if it’s just a few dollars.  No donation is too large or small.




2016 #GivingTuesday Donors


Chapman Ford

Glenn Insurance

Dr. and Mrs. Feldman

Mr. and Mrs.  Frankel

Ty and Kris McCarthy

Ross and Kim Berlin

David Chrysler Jeep Dodge

Dr. Maryanne Sturr

Mr. Alan Mossoff

Kenneth and Joan Nash

Richard and Bess Kathrins

Kurtis Waechtler

Robin Akeret

MJ Perskie

Janine D’Allessandro

Karen Roesch

Benjamin Ortiz

AC Chamber

Bill Casey

Diane Croshaw

Madeleine Deininger

Pat Carey




Employee Pledges

Adekunle, Mary
Alemayehu, Adam
Alfieri, Joanna
Alindada, Rosemarie
Arnold, Valerie
Balesteri, Michele
Bain, Lynnel
Bruno, Michele
Buie, Brigitte
Cabinim, Judy
Cajhleo, Volha
Carlson, Rachel
Ciavarella, Mary
Connell, Mallory
Cordial, Germine
Cornely, Kim
Coster Opdiu, Nana
Crispin, Linda
Cullen, Kim
Cybulksi, Jessica
DeFeo, Jennifer
Delrymple, Kelly
Diniz, Susan
Dios, Joan
Donovan, Mary
Dykes, Donna
Entrekin, Victoria
Estuesta, Reynaldo
Fantasia, Shirley
Fath, Sarah
Franceschini, Ron
Frick, Sherry
Gaskill, Mary Beth
Gatchell, Kim
Glaser, Kelly
Goddard, Marva
Goodrow, John
Gonealez, Fidelio
Gottman, Brett
Graybill, Denise
Grunow, Sharon
Guiendon, Heidi
Hendricks, Hidde
Henry, Alice
Henshaw, Christine
Hoagland- McAviney, Jamie
Hocker, Jane
Hollander, Jon
Honick, Claire
Hudak, Sheila
Hurley, JoAnn
Inyang, Immaculata
Jensen, Wendy
Jones, Stacey
Klemkamp, Mary
Kohute, Leila
Kurtz, Ingrid
Kurtz, Ingrid
Late, Hussein
Lewis, Jessica
Little, Edna
Lopez, James
Lyons, Betty
Maccarella, John
Mager, Tara
Mason, Theresa
Mazzillo, Patrick
McCulley, CarolAnn
McGill, Rebecca
McGuigan, Leigh Ann
Morie-Papa, Gaye
Muffieri, Mike
Murduck, Jaimie
Murray, Heather
Muskett, Philip
Nieto-Munez, Maria
Oliver, Steven
Overton, Sue Ellen
Pagoras, Eileen
Perez, Stephanie
Pinero, Thamarilis
Pizzale, Barbara
Pluchino, Mora
Portuguez, Ron
Porter, Bruce
Putney, Francine
Puzon, Peachy
Reckenbeil, Ronnie
Reamer, Ali
Rees, Jeff
Reese, Lauren
Reid, Michael
Revelle, Janet
Robles, Jocelyn
Rundstrom, Debra
Ryan, Jessica
Saleeda, Cristi
Santiago, Glorimar
Satishkumal, Patel
Satosuosso, John
Scardino, Danna
Scheeler, Diane
Schoettler, Mark
Shook-Inman, Mary Beth
Silver, Mark
Smejical, Jan
Smith, Laura Lee
Late, Hussein
Sotto, Emily
Spero, John
Spinelli, Alicia
Staino, Gabriel
Taylor, Anita
Valmoria, Golda Mier
Vasquez, Alyssa
Vergara, Apollo
Warren, Diane
Wei, Xu
Weitz, Jeff
Winterstein, Marie
Wolf, William
Yu, Rechelde
Zabihach, Julia
Zarrella, Michelle


Tell everyone you made a donation by taking an #UNselfie and email to jhoagland@bacharach.org

2016 Goal= $25,000


Current Total= $30,110

(updated 12/19/16)





For more information on how to get involved with #GivingTuesday or to become a sponsor or matching donor, contact Gabe Staino at gstaino@bacharach.org  (609) 568-2310.