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Every patient deserves the right care in the right setting.  Bacharach Institute for Rehabilitation is leading the charge to ensure that patients and their caregivers understand the post-acute rehabilitation options they are entitled to, and take advantage of the best care possible after being discharged from a hospital for a medical issue such as Stroke, Spinal Cord Injury, Brain Injury, Amputation, Hip Fracture or Major Multiple Trauma. In most cases, patients who need post-acute care for any of these issues are eligible to go to an Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility (IRF), but may not be aware of the enormous benefits over other care options, including:

  • Improved Outcomes: Better long-term outcomes – including lower mortality rates, fewer emergency room visits, an increase in average days alive and more days residing at home.1
  • Customized Therapy: More intensive, specialized therapy – three hours a day including Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy as indicated.
  • Shorter Average Stays: On average across all conditions, patients treated in an IRF have a length of stay that is less than half as long as those treated in a SNF1
  • Individualized Care: Overseen by a Doctor of Physical Medicine and supported by a staff trained to care for those facing the unique challenges of post-acute physical rehabilitation.
  • Team Approach: Regular meetings of multidisciplinary medical teams to discuss and adjust treatment plans.

Rehabilitation services and devices are one of the “Ten Essential Health Benefits” included in the Affordable Care Act. However, reductions to or elimination of some of these essential health benefits is currently being discussed in Washington. Carefully conducted, peer-reviewed scientific studies on the benefits of acute medical rehabilitation are clear – such services lead to more days at home, fewer readmissions to the hospital, better function, higher quality of life and more days alive.


Patients are not always informed of all of the rehabilitation care options they are entitled to when discharged from a hospital after an acute medical event, and may (be referred) go to a Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) or other facility. While this type of care is valuable for patients with specific diagnoses, it is not always appropriate for more serious cases that require the specialized daily therapy and the interdisciplinary care that is available only at an IRF.  To learn more or become a member of CPRNJ visit www.CPRNJ.org.


The Coalition to Preserve Rehabilitation New Jersey
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