Volunteer Competencies

Please make sure to scroll down to the bottom of the page and read all the volunteer requirements. 


The State of New Jersey requires the competencies below be completed for anyone working or volunteering in a hospital setting.  Click on each one and watch the corresponding video or read through the Power Point, take the quiz and print out your answers.  Forms 1-6 should be submitted to Jamie before your first day.  They can be scanned and emailed to jhoagland@bacharach.org, dropped off at the front desk in Pomona or faxed to 609-748-5432.


Forms 7 and 8 should be given to the therapist that you’re observing.

  1. Infection Control (Power Point presentation and quiz)
  2. Privacy in the Workplace (Video and quiz)
  3. Safety Manual PowerPoint with HICS (Power Point presentation and quiz)
  4. Abuse Across Lifespan  (Power Point presentation and quiz)
  5. Confidentiality Statement (PDF Form.  Please read carefully and sign.)
  6. Human Trafficking  (30 minute video and quiz)
  7. Observation Rules  (PDF Form. Please read carefully and sign. This is to be given to your supervisor on your first day of observation.)
  8. Volunteer Expectation Form (PDF Form.  Please read carefully and sign. This is to be given to your supervisor on your first day of observation.)
  9. Informal headshot for your file. (Does NOT have to be professional.) The photo will be kept in your folder and also be given to your supervisor.  Please email to jhoagland@bacharach.org ASAP.


Observation Rules

Dress Code


You will be given a Volunteer Badge to wear while  observing.  The badge must be worn and be visible at all times while observing.


The official dress code is Business Casual but attire varies from office to office. Look professional your first day and take a cue from how your supervisor is dressed.  You can never go wrong with black pants or khakis and a polo shirt.  Comfortable shoes are a must and most people wear sneakers.  Keep in mind that you may be working with neurologically impaired patients, so always dress conservatively.  If you get cold bring a cardigan or fleece.  Nails must be kept short and neat.  Long fake nails are not allowed.


Not Acceptable

  • Jeans
  • Leggings
  • Low cut tops
  • Hooded sweatshirts
  • High heels
  • Long fake nails


Drinks/ Food

You may bring drinks and food with you, but they must be kept in the kitchenette area.  You are not allowed to eat or drink near patients.  If you are observing in Pomona at the main campus you are entitled to a free meal in the cafeteria between 11am-1pm.



Student volunteers can observe for 6 weeks or acquire 20 hours with a therapist.  If additional hours are needed in a specific setting let Jamie know.



Have a positive attitude and open mind.  You are not allowed to have patient contact, but take initiative.  If you know a therapist is going to need a piece of equipment, get it. Be engaged and ask questions.  Remember, whomever you’re observing will be filling out your grad school forms,  act like you want to be there.


Unless there is an emergency you are expected to be at the office during your assigned time.  Observation hours are a privilege and it’s at the therapist’s discretion to approve an absence.   Studying for an exam does not count as an excused absence.  If you have a planned vacation that conflicts with your observation schedule, please let your therapist know on your first day.