Terry Caruso and Wendy Jensen are physical therapists who treat patients in our Amputee Program.


Bacharach’s Amputee Program provides all of the elements needed to forge ahead to an independent lifestyle.

“We see patients in an inpatient setting after they have had their amputation, and then again once they are fitted for a prosthetic,” said Terry Caruso, PT, prosthetic orthotic coordinator for Bacharach. “Many times our patients have other health issues such as diabetes or vascular disease so we want to make sure we are monitoring that along with their progress.”


The majority of patients seen at Bacharach are dealing with the loss of a lower extremity. The Bacharach amputee team works on balancing, hopping transfers, getting in and out of a car and self-care through a series of classes and individual therapy. Once the patient receives their prosthetic they begin the process of learning to walk again, learning to balance, to master stairs and manage uneven surfaces.


In addition to learning how to walk with a prosthesis, patients are taught how to care for and protect the remaining limb, and how to clean and care for the artificial limb.


“We provide our patients with an entire team of support,” said Terry. “Nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, prosthetists and psychologists work together as a team to provide individualized care to each patient.”


During her 25 years with the Bacharach Amputee Program, Terry has seen a lot and has gained an understanding for her patients.


“While I will never know exactly how my patients feel, my experience with the program has made it easy for them to confide in me,” said Terry. “I can draw on experiences with other patients or even bring in previous patients to help them get through a difficult time.”


Terry’s favorite patients to work with are her amputee patients.


“I get to see my patients at their worst when they come in and then see them at the end of their stay when they are able to walk out. It is so rewarding,” said Terry. “One of my favorite things is seeing the joy on my patients face after they receive their prosthetic and are able to look down and see two feet.”


For more information on Bacharach’s Amputee program call 609-652-7000.


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