Cutting-edge developments in robotic technology have advanced neurorecovery outcomes for those recuperating from stroke and other neurological disorders.

Recently, Bacharach was named the recipient of a $1 million charitable donation by philanthropist James Klinghoffer, and I am pleased to announce this generous gift will be used to establish the James Kinghoffer Neurorecovery Center at Bacharach.


The James Kinghoffer Neurorecovery Center will offer the latest developments in robotic and computer technology for those affected by traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries, stroke, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis and other neurological conditions.


Studies show that neurological recovery is enhanced when movements are repeated numerous times in order to promote activity in impaired areas of the brain.


Using robotic technologies, therapists are able to dramatically increase the number of repetitions in each session compared to conventional therapy. Studies show that outcomes are substantially better than conventional therapy and that benefits are sustained over time.


The list of equipment at the James Klinghoffer Neurorecovery Center includes an advanced robotic gait training system, an Erigo® pro tilt table, upper extremity robots for neurorecovery, Neurosensorimotor for cognition and eye-hand coordination, and a driving simulator for driver re-education.


On behalf of Bacharach and the community we serve, I would like to thank James Klinghoffer for his generous support. The Neurorecovery Center that will proudly bear his name and offer new technologies and treatments to all residents of South Jersey, improving the lives of countless individuals.


We are truly grateful for this extraordinary gift.



Richard J. Kathrins

President & CEO


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