Mary Lou Galantino, PT, MS, PhD, MSCE, is a distinguished professor at Stockton University who has been closely involved with Bacharach’s Oncology Rehabilitation Program.

“The development of Bacharach Oncology Rehabilitation services  is like a dream come true for me,” said Dr. Galantino. “There is such a need for cancer rehabilitation and survivorship programs in Southern New Jersey. I am happy to serve as a consultant for this state-of-the art program by providing education sessions for Bacharach’s dedicated medical professionals.”


Dr. Galantino was trained in cancer rehabilitation at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas and she helped to establish the cancer rehabilitation center at the University of Pennsylvania in 1991. She brings a unique perspective to the field due to her personal experience.


“In 2003 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and a year later my husband was diagnosed with stage 3 head and neck cancer,” said Dr. Galantino. “Through our journey I was able to see things through the lens of a patient. I experienced the many side effects of cancer treatment, and I know how substantial they can be. You go through surgery, chemotherapy and/or radiation with follow-up hormonal treatment and then return to your world. This is when survivorship plans become critical. What better place to create a cancer rehabilitation plan and receive post-cancer therapy than a rehabilitation and wellness facility such as Bacharach?”


Bacharach’s Oncology Program is focused on treatment, education and support for cancer survivors and their families to help manage conditions caused by cancer treatment, which can compromise body image, range of motion, balance and coordination, energy level, endurance and quality of life.


In addition to serving as a consultant for Bacharach’s Oncology program, Dr. Galantino offers a lecture series at Bacharach (open to all Bacharach staff) on topics such as cancer related fatigue and nutrition. She will also be conducting a study in the fall of 2018 at Bacharach focused on the impact of yoga on chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy.  This syndrome produces significant pain in hands and feet and is a common adverse effect of some chemotherapy.  Symptoms can remain years after treatment, together with reduced ability to walk, greater disability, and falls.


“I have always seen an opportunity for Stockton to increase its clinical academic collaboration with Bacharach,” said Dr. Galantino. “As someone who does research in cancer rehabilitation, I am pleased to be part of this initiative and proud of our clinical partnership with Bacharach.”


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