Michelle Brown needed to improve her mobility after a relapse of her multiple sclerosis

Michelle Brown turned to Bacharach immediately when she experienced an exacerbation – a relapse of her multiple sclerosis.


“A past positive experience led me right back to Bacharach,” said Michelle. “I have been working hard with my occupational therapist Sharon, whom I absolutely love, to regain mobility in my arms and legs.” Michelle describes her mobility as improving by leaps and bounds.  She was unable to move her right arm at all when she arrived at Bacharach.


Twice a week, Michelle arrives at the new Klinghoffer Center to work on the Diego, an assisted arm robot designed to work upper extremities.  She also uses the Erigo, a pre-gait training robot that assists patients who are unaccustomed to standing in an upright position.

When Michelle talks about her early days using the Erigo, she says the robot was doing 100 percent of the work.  She proudly states her body is now doing 20 percent of the work.  “The Erigo offers me a very special experience, one that makes me feel like I am really walking.”


Michelle loves working with the robots. She says the games they offer keep her so engaged that she doesn’t even feel like she is working out. “My rehab sessions fly by and I don’t want to stop when my time is up.”


Michelle’s ultimate goal is to take a step by herself, which is she believes can be done by continued work with the robots.


When asked what she likes most about Bacharach, Michelle says she loves the staff. “Beginning with the first hello from the receptionist, everyone is so welcoming and is genuinely happy to see me. I can honestly say that no rehabilitation center compares to what I receive at Bacharach.”


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