Gail Lusk, PT will be happy to come to your house for home therapy


Even with 17 convenient therapy centers, there are some circumstances when patients are not strong enough to seek therapy out in the community and need physical therapy at home.


The Bacharach Physical Therapy at Home program brings physical therapy to post-operative patients, patients who can’t drive and patients who have medical issues that make it difficult to get to an outpatient setting.

“We see a lot of people who have total hip or knee surgery, and elderly people who have trouble with balance or difficulty walking,” said Gail Lusk, PT, home therapy coordinator for Bacharach. “Many times we are able to transition them to an outpatient therapy center, but the majority of the time we complete all their therapy at home.”


Bacharach’s Physical therapy at home program has been receiving more referrals for people who have undergone total hip and knee replacements. “Physicians are doing more same-day surgeries so referrals for total hip and knee replacement therapy have increased,” said Gail. “This home therapy service has become the bridge between a patient’s surgery and going to an outpatient clinic.”


“We come to the home two to three times a week to work with the patient and develop exercises that they can do in between visits on their own,” said Gail. “In most cases we don’t need equipment other than ankle weights, exercise bands and creativity on the part of the therapists.”


Home therapy is different than home healthcare, because it is more progressive and puts an emphasis on getting the patient out of the house.


Gail Lusk, PT , coordinator of Bacharach’s Physical Therapy in the Home program


“In home healthcare the guidelines (for home health agencies) require that once a patient is able to leave the house they no longer qualify for that service,” said Gail. “Home therapy does not have that as a limitation and we can provide the same services in the home as we offer in our outpatient clinics. Our goal is to transition people to the community just as soon as they are strong enough.”


Arranging for physical therapy at home is very easy.  You may call Bacharach’s main number, 609-652-7000 and ask for outpatient admissions.  You may also call 609-816-6906 for information or to schedule physical therapy at home directly.


Bacharach’s Physical Therapy at Home program is covered under Medicare Part B.


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