Long time volunteer Nam Ly joins us every Wednesday to tackle a mountain of paperwork.


Bacharach welcomes volunteers and offers two different volunteer programs, one for students and one for adults.

The student volunteer program is open to undergraduate students who need to obtain physical therapy or occupational therapy observation hours for graduate school.  Last year Bacharach had 70 volunteers go through their observation program and complete 1,982 observation hours.



Rebecca Costill, student volunteer and Brett Gottman, OT.

“It is great to have young people volunteering in the hospital,” said Jamie McAviney, Bacharach’s marketing and foundation liaison. “They bring a good energy into the office. For most volunteers this is the first time they are in a clinical setting and they have a real understanding about the career they are pursuing.”


Student volunteers have the opportunity to get a wide range of experience by shadowing therapists in our inpatient facility or one of our many outpatient locations. “We have a great relationship with Stockton University since we are located on their campus,” said Jamie. “We are indebted to them because many of our physical and occupational therapists are graduates of their program.”


The adult volunteer program has a different focus than the student program.  Adult volunteers help out with administrative work in the hospital, help visitors find their way around the facility, and assist patients and families. Last year the program had 19 active volunteers completing 2,545 hours of service.


“The majority of our adult volunteers have been Bacharach patients who had such a great experience that they want to give back,” said Jamie. “They do so much around the hospital and some of them have been volunteering with us for more than 10 years. It’s great to have a group of passionate people showing up week after week to volunteer their time.”


For more information on Bacharach’s volunteer programs call Jamie at 609-748-5250.


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