With the physician assistant profession growing exponentially, Philadelphia University expanded its Physician Assistant Studies program to New Jersey – opening an Atlantic City campus located in Stockton University’s Carnegie Center.

Bacharach has partnered with the university to provide students in this program with an opportunity to have a hands-on experience.


Every Sunday for about two hours, four or five students from Philadelphia University visit Bacharach’s main campus in Pomona to practice patient interaction and assessment.  When the students arrive at Bacharach, they meet with the nursing supervisor to receive their patient assignments, and then complete a head-to-toe assessment, including family and medical history, vitals and a physical examination.


Olubola Sode, BSN, MSN-Ed, CNML, Bacharach’s nursing education and clinical informatics coordinator, said, “To ensure the experience is positive for both the students and patients, students only see patients who have granted them permission after being informed about the purpose of the students’ visit. We try to assign students to patients with a wide-range of diagnoses so they understand the relationship between their current disease process and comorbidities, as well as their need for rehabilitation.”


While students are under the supervision of the nursing supervisor, they work one-on-one with the patients – fully submersing themselves into the clinical evaluation setting.


“Students are required to go to Bacharach twice per semester as part of my class for students in their first year of the PA program,” said Victoria Nicholls, MS, PA-C, adjunct professor for Philadelphia University’s Physician Assistant Studies program. “After each of their visits, the students draft a formal write-up, which counts toward their final grade in the class.”


As things are winding down for this semester’s students, both parties hope to continue this partnership in the future.


“This was the first-year we’ve had students at our Atlantic City campus, and it’s been a great experience,” said Nicholls. “The students are engaged and have nothing but good things to say about Bacharach.”


“It’s such a pleasure to have these students,” said Sode. “We have really enjoyed our partnership with Philadelphia University, and we hope this great partnership continues.”



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