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Luke standing using his new “kicks” and showing off his core skills.

When Dina Ciccone’s twins, Luke and Lucy, were born prematurely, she was informed that they would need early intervention physical therapy and occupational therapy. Dina’s biggest concern was the health of her twins, and she didn’t want to take them into an outpatient facility where there could be a lot of germs. She turned to Bacharach.


“Bacharach was able to provide home therapy for my babies, which was perfect,” said Dina. “Mora Pluchino, a physical therapist at Bacharach, came to my house to work with my twins and she was great – she really has a knack for kids.”


An early intervention program eventually took over the therapy, but when Luke was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, Dina knew she needed to take him back to Bacharach and to Mora.


“A huge positive with Luke’s therapy at Bacharach is that his therapists really work as a team, so he has combined physical therapy and occupational therapy, which is great because he is learning to use his fine motor and gross motor skills together,” said Dina.


At Bacharach Luke, now 23 months old, works on establishing trunk strength and learning to walk using Bacharach’s new Lokomat Pro robot. The Lokomat allows Luke to start to learn to walk using a harness on treadmill.



“It’s amazing that we have this equipment right in our backyard. We had him try the robot and he was a little apprehensive, but it was so special to see him try it and motor through the gait pattern,” said Dina. “Walking is pretty hard for Luke right now, and he just got leg braces. We will be continuing his gait training in a couple weeks once he is used to his braces.”


Through all her son’s therapy, the Bacharach therapists have made sure that Dina is very involved. “I am a partner in his therapy,” said Dina. “His therapists are great at allowing me to help, they answer all my questions and are my biggest cheerleaders.”



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