Brett Gottman, OT  has 10 years of experience helping kids with sensory issues in performing the activities of daily living.

Back-to-school and the schedule changes it brings can be challenging for kids, particularly those on the autism spectrum.



Brett Gottman, OT suggests parents start thinking  about all the upcoming changes the school routine will bring and enlisting their  child to be involved with getting ready.


Brett recommends making a detailed time schedule.  “Designate times for waking up, meals, bedtime, as well as times set aside for self-expression,” and so on.



“Take your child to the bus stop if it is new, and drive by the school.  Talk about the changes associated with the new school year.”



“In the days before school begins, start going to bed and waking up at the new times. Eat breakfast when you will have to on the school schedule.  Maybe use the new lunchbox your child will use.”



“Talk to your child about lunches so you can buy and have ready what the child needs and likes.”




“Help your child get used to new clothes. Make sure the tags are off and put them through the wash to soften.  If you bought new sneakers or shoes, give them a dry run, too. ”




“The kids I work with suffer from distractibility – they can’t sit still to get the task done.”  Providing a structured routine and eliminating surprises helps the whole family to prepare for school.




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