Blood Flow Restriction Therapy patients wear restrictive cuffs while performing exercises.

There is a new physical therapy technique that has caught the eye of athletes and the doctors who treat athletic injuries called Blood Flow Restriction Therapy (BFRT).


BFRT allows injured athletes to begin rehabilitation sooner, and to make greater gains with lighter loads.


Here is how it works


Jessica Soltys, PT says “You apply a cuff to the limb that allows arterial blood to flow in but decreases superficial venous return. As a result, this will increase motor recruitment in muscle which will allow for more full muscle recruitment. Systemically, it stimulates growth hormone and IGf-1 which stimulates muscle growth.”



In the case of athletes who are used to performing at very high levels, after injury they are highly susceptible to atrophy.  “BFRT promotes muscle growth and allows you to get strength training with a lower load.”



“Many professional athletes are moving to this.  I am seeing many ACL patients, athletes used to working hard, and having good results. Some of the local physicians who specialize in athletic injuries are looking for therapists who offer BFRT.”


Jessica offers BFRT in Bacharach’s Tuckerton Physical Therapy Center.


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