Vicki Entrekin, Laura Lee Smith, John Santosuosso, Eve Atwell and Nicole Piela of Galloway Tilton Fitness

Unlike most other Bacharach campuses, the Galloway Tilton Fitness facility has a certified hand therapist, Laura Lee Smith, OTR/L, CHT, who specializes in hand therapy and rehabilitation.

“As a certified hand therapist, I work closely with hand surgeons and other doctors to treat a wide variety of hand injuries, including post-surgical injuries, trauma and repetitive strains. I also offer customized splinting as well as manual therapy and modalities to rehabilitate hands after injury,” said Laura Lee.


The physical therapists at Galloway Tilton Fitness – John Santosuosso, PT, Clinical Director; Nicole Piela, PT, DPT; and Eve Atwell, PT, CIMT, CSCS – happen to be three avid and dedicated athletes themselves with particular interest in helping injured athletes return to their sport.


They treat many patients with orthopedic conditions and sports injuries, frequently seeing middle school, high school and college athletes as well as weekend warriors.


So it is good news that Bacharach’s Galloway Tilton Fitness facility is located on the second floor of Tilton Fitness, 323 South Pitney Road. Patients at the facility have the ability to utilize the gym equipment for their rehabilitation, helping them safely return to their fitness routine after injury.


The whole team at Bacharach’s Galloway Tilton Fitness works in harmony to create an individualized treatment based on each patient’s particular needs, whether it’s occupational, physical or hand therapy.  “Since we see a very active population, we strive for full-body wellness so our patients can get back to their healthy lifestyle after illness or injury,” she said.


“All of the employees here, starting with Victoria Entrekin at our front desk, are a family, and I think patients realize that, which makes them very comfortable with us and other patients,” said Laura Lee.


“At our facility, we know everyone’s name, and it creates family-oriented environment. We have a lot of patients who are members of Tilton Fitness stop by before or after their workout to say hi and check-up on how we are doing. It’s an incredible feeling to maintain relationships with so many patients – I can’t help but love my job!”


To learn more or to make an appointment at Bacharach’s Galloway Tilton Fitness facility, please call 609-404-4600.




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