Manahawkin’s team of Yasmin, Janine, Randi and Elizabeth


Serving Ocean County, Manahawkin is Bacharach’s northernmost campus and is considered by Yasmin Sares, PT, Manahawkin’s director of clinical operations, to be a hidden treasure with a wide range of services for the community.


“When most people think of Bacharach, they think about the main campus in Pomona, so Manahawkin falls under the radar – but we want to spread the word about our services,” says Sares. “Our professional and knowledgeable staff consists of three physical therapists, Randi Dellova, PT, MPT, CLT, Heather Smith, PT, DPT and myself; a physical therapy assistant, Elizabeth Cheney, PTA; and Janine D’Alessandro at the front desk. We offer out-patient physical therapy, joint day rehab program, lymphedema treatments, vestibular and balance rehabilitation and home therapy.”


For patients with lymphedema, which causes swelling of the legs and arms, Manahawkin offers full-service treatment options, including massages, wrapping of the extremities to decrease swelling and compression garments.


Beginning the day after hip or knee replacement patients are discharged home, joint day rehab provides intensive therapy. Patients are brought to the Manahawkin facility for two therapy sessions before being transported back home. Once joint day rehab is completed, patients then transition into traditional outpatient therapy.


While many patients are orthopedic, Manahawkin also sees a large number of patients with vertigo and balance issues.


“Many older adults experience dizziness, vertigo and imbalance that may cause falls, but they don’t seek treatment,” says Sares. “Positional vertigo is the most common vestibular problem, which causes a spinning sensation triggered by position change. With proper assessment and treatment, it can easily be managed.”


Manahawkin also offers a home therapy program that allows a physical therapist to administer a treatment plan at the patient’s house before transitioning to one of Bacharach’s facilities, if needed.


“Manahawkin’s facility is so diverse in both patients and services, and that’s what makes my job so interesting and gratifying,” says Sares. “As a close-knit community, our goal is to provide individualized care. We all get to know each other, and patients tell us they love coming to therapy because we encourage them to achieve their physical therapy goals while enjoying a few laughs along the way.”



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