Crystal Sadowl, Hidde Hendriks and Laurie Soloman Welcome You to the Bacharach PT Center in Margate


Located in the Milton & Betty Katz Jewish Community Center (JCC), Bacharach’s Margate facility opened in 1998 as one of the first satellites in the Bacharach system.

For patients needing help strengthening and alleviating pain following illness or injury, physical therapy is offered Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. by two highly skilled physical therapists. If a patient is seeking help restoring functioning in the upper body to accomplish everyday tasks, occupational therapy is offered on an as need basis throughout the week.


“Thanks to being located in the JCC and the high skill level of our staff, we have a lot of different types of patient benefits,” said Hidde Hendriks, PT, clinical director at Bacharach’s Margate facility. “We have access to the equipment and amenities offered at the JCC, including the gym, athletic fields and swimming pool, so we can really create individualized treatment plans for each patient. We have a great relationship with the JCC, so we work side by side to ensure their members and our patients live healthy lifestyles.”


The staff in Margate treats all types of illnesses and injuries – from orthopedics to neurological patients. Crystal also sees a number of pediatric patients.  Because of the diverse community, the physical and occupational therapists in Margate really learned how to adapt to patient needs.


“While our clients are mostly geriatric, the geriatric population on the island is very active and patients are involved in many different and often physical activities. The diversity in age and culture makes working here a lot of fun,” said Hendriks. “One of our therapists, Crystal,  is also a pediatric specialist which adds another dimension to our clinic.”


Fondly known as the “Margate Social Club” by patients and staff members, Bacharach’s Margate facility has an open and positive atmosphere, allowing patients to build bonds and get to know each other. Even when patients are resistant at first to receiving therapy, they have such a positive experience that they are sad when their prescribed treatment comes to an end.


“I always hear patients talk about how much they enjoyed their experience with us, and it’s very heartwarming,” said Hendriks. “Bacharach has a great vibe across the board. When I first started working at Bacharach 21 years ago, I immediately noticed how positive and encouraging the culture was. Because of the high expectations that come with working at Bacharach, all the staff members, regardless of which locations they work at, work hard to meet those expectations and take pride in providing excellent care.”


To learn more or to make an appointment at Bacharach’s Margate facility, please call 609-487-7442.


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