Bacharach’s Cape May Courthouse Physical Therapy Center offers a comprehensive outpatient physical therapy program that utilizes a variety of approaches to eliminate pain and restore function.

Open since 1998, this facility has hours during the day Monday through Friday and evening hours three times a week. This schedule is perfect for the high volume of school-aged athletes who seek therapy for their athletic injuries.


Colleen Goodwin, PT, clinical director at the Cape May Courthouse Bacharach Therapy Center, works alongside three highly skilled, full-time physical therapists to provide patients at all stages of life with compassionate, quality care. They are Anne DiCicco, PT, Anthony Visgil, PT and Trish Byrne, DPT.


“Our facility has a family-friendly atmosphere because we see a lot of returning clients or family members of previous clients,” said Goodwin. “It’s great because not only do we get to build relationships with entire families, but it shows that our patients are satisfied with the care we provide.”


All of the staff members at the Cape May Courthouse facility understand the importance of teamwork and provide tremendous amounts of support to each other.


“We have a very strong team dynamic at our facility,” said Goodwin. “Even though patients work with an assigned physical therapist, the entire staff helps out when needed to make sure that the patient has the attention and assistance of a therapist at all times. It’s a great way to get to know all patients that come into our facility, not just the patients we are assigned.”


To make an appointment at the Cape May Courthouse facility, please call 609-463-9944.


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