Exercise is the best medicine for Cardiac Rehab patients.

Cardiac rehabilitation should be a lifelong process, since the very best heart medicine on the market is a daily dose of exercise.


A Cardiac Rehab program is recommended for patients after a valve replacement or repair, bypass surgery, heart transplant, stent placement chest pain or a heart attack, as well as some other cardiac conditions.


In a Cardiac Rehab program, patients exercise for one hour three times a week for a period of 12 weeks. They wear monitors during exercise and their vital signs are closely observed since for many, this is the first routine exercise in years.


This 12-week program is covered by Medicare and most other insurance and is considered a critical and necessary component in the recuperation process.


In addition to exercise, there is counseling on diet and healthy behaviors such as smoking cessation, not to mention the support and encouragement of others who are sharing the same experience.


Cardiac Specialist John DeFeo offers pulmonary rehab

John DeFeo, Senior Exercise Specialist


John DeFeo, Senior Exercise Specialist oversees the cardiac rehabilitation program at Bacharach.











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