John DeFeo, Sr. Exercise Specialist in the Phase II Cardiac Rehab Program at Bacharach

One of the most unfortunate side-effects of the pandemic has been the fear of seeking healthcare treatments.


People worry that a visit for something less than an emergency should be avoided, as a Covid exposure is possibility in any setting, including healthcare settings.


Healthcare experts now caution that such delays may lead to severe complications, and point to the heightened measures health professionals are taking to keep staff and patients safe.


John DeFeo, Sr. Exercise Specialist outlines the measures Bacharach is taking to offer patients the greatest protection while participating in the Cardiac Phase II Program.


Safety Measures

“Before patients come in, we are asking all the Covid questions – where and when have you traveled, do you have any symptoms, have you been exposed to anyone who has symptoms or the virus?” said John recently.


“And the new protocol is one patient, or at the most two patients in our very spacious center at a time.”


“We have stepped up our cleaning measures, and we sanitize every piece of equipment in between patients, as well as door handles, and anything else someone might touch.”


“As for Personal Protective Equipment, we have it all.  We wear masks, face shields and gloves 100% of the time.”


Even so, John worries that there are fewer cardiac rehab patients in the program than there should be.


“Cardiac issues are life threatening.  We want cardiac patients to know that we are here for them. We are prepared to do everything we need to do to keep them safe while we help them return to maximum function and good health.”


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