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The long to-do lists and hustle and bustle of the holiday season can really run you ragged. So, it’s no surprise that you may be cutting corners on sleep just to fit everything in.


By making sleep a priority, you can stay healthier, relieve holiday stress and enjoy the holidays even more!


The Holidays Are A Stressful Time


“The holidays can be a stressful time – especially those who are facing their first holiday after the loss of a loved one,” says Mary Adekunle, clinical director of Bacharach’s Sleep & Neurodiagnostics Center. “But getting sleep is vital to your body’s function because sleep is restorative for the brain, heart and other organs.”


The most important step to take in order to have a good night sleep is to reduce stress in the evening hours. “When you are stressed your brain tends to go hundreds of miles per hour and it can be very difficult to initiate sleep,” explains Mary. “Even losing an hour or two of sleep here and there causes sleep debt – which causes your body to not be able to fight off diseases as well.”


Here are some tips from Mary on how to make sure you get your sleep during the holidays:

  • Make a holiday to-do list – Make a list of all the shopping and cooking you need to get done. This will help you stay organized and be less stressed.
  • Have a light dinner – Avoid heavy or greasy foods and alcohol, which can all prevent you from getting a good, deep sleep.
  • Take a warm shower – This will help your body and mind relax and prepare for bed.
  • Create a conducive sleeping environment – Your bedroom should be a safe haven from stress. It should be dark and cool in order to help you get a good night of sleep.
  • Turn off electronics – As you prepare for bed, turn off all phones, TVs, etc. The blue light from electronics delays the release of melatonin, which is a chemical your body releases in order to signal that it’s time for sleep.

If you are following these tips and are still experiencing tiredness, trouble sleeping or memory issues you can contact the doctors at Bacharach’s Sleep & Neurodiagnostics Center. Bacharach’s Sleep Centers feature state-of-the-art equipment to conduct all forms of sleep testing – including home testing. The sleep rooms are set up like hotels to offer patients a comfortable and familiar setting.

To learn more about the Sleep & Neurodiagnostics Center or to make an appointment,
call (609) 748-5405 for our Galloway location or call (609) 877-3595 for our Hammonton location.


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