Janet Revelle, AuD, and Lauren Reale, AuD


Five years ago in 2016, Bacharach opened a new Hearing and Balance Center, to treat hearing and balance disorders in both adults and children.  It also featured the only pediatric audiology center in this region of South Jersey, named for Betsy-Ann Rogge.




Betsy-Ann and John Rogge are former members of the Bacharach Board of Governors and volunteered at the main campus at the front desk for many years.  Their generosity culminated in a gift to the new hearing center, and in gratitude the pediatric wing has been named the Betsy-Ann Rogge Pediatric Audiology Center.



“The Center is shaped like a circle, with one semicircle catering to adults and the other to pediatrics,” said Janet Revelle, AuD, director of audiology at Bacharach. “This allows us to separate adult and pediatric services as well as cater to the specific needs of each population. There are separate waiting rooms, testing areas and equipment.”



“While all of Bacharach’s hearing and balance services are impressive, our pediatric specialty is really exceptional. We are one of the very few audiology sites for infants and young children in South Jersey, and the only one in Atlantic, Cape May or Cumberland Counties,” said Dr. Revelle.



Through the generosity of Mrs. Betsy-Ann Rogge, a long-time proponent of hearing services for babies, Bacharach was able to purchase new equipment to perform testing without sedation. This sensitive test measures what sounds infants can hear.


“Because young children usually have to be sedated for the auditory brain stem response testing, parents are hesitant to take their child to be tested, which is one of the biggest barriers to determining hearing loss at a young age,” said Dr. Revelle. “Our new equipment doesn’t require sedation and that eases parents’ anxiety. Now, children won’t slip through the cracks and will receive early intervention for their hearing loss.”


For information about pediatric audiology services call 609-748-5370 or visit www.bacharach.org/services/hearing-centers



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