Occupational Therapist Clare McLaughlin 


For over 25 years, Clare McLaughlin, OT, a certified driver rehabilitation specialist, has been teaching new drivers, evaluating senior drivers and re-educating drivers who need adaptive equipment through Bacharach’s Driver Program.


We asked Clare to tell us about the driver re-education program at Bacharach.


Why is Bacharach’s Driver Program so important?


Bacharach’s Driver program helps clients of all ages achieve the highest level of independence. Whether it’s a new driver or a driver who has regained their driving ability, their whole world opens up once they get their license. They become inspired to go beyond the familiarity of home and school. Having the ability to explore other places and meet new people also generates work and other opportunities.


The independence that comes with driving enables people to accomplish routine tasks such as traveling to work, childcare, appointments, shopping, or places of worship. The ability to get from one place the next without having to rely on others is an important part of being independent in today’s society.


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