Kimberly Cullen, PT, DPT demonstrates a side plank core strenghtening exercise.


The core muscles work together to provide stability in the abdominal and lower back regions of the body. If there is weakness in these muscles, a number of problems can occur.

“Patients who usually come in for core stabilization have balance or back issues,” said Kim Cullen, PT, director of Bacharach’s Tuckerton campus. “We also use core stabilization to treat patients who have lost core strength due to a long hospital stay.”


Core stabilization exercises aim to strengthen not only the core muscles but the back and hip flexors as well. Most core stabilization exercises do not involve equipment.


“I like to do a lot of different body weight exercises, mat exercises, planks or exercises from a hands and knees position,” said Kim. “The great thing about core stabilization treatment is that people can generally use their own body weight to work the muscles.”


The exercises that patients learn during their core stabilization therapy at Bacharach are often ones they can do at home.


“A lot of the simple exercises that my patients do here, I will suggest they do at home in between therapy sessions once they start to progress and get more advanced,” said Kim. “Core exercises are a great form of exercise that people can do at home to get stronger — especially if they are looking to prevent injury.”


To learn more about core stabilization therapy, call 609-652-7000.



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