Dawn Robinson is an amazing young woman is an recently becoming the first para-athlete to participate in the Upper Township Beach Patrol’s MS Race.

Bacharach would like to recognize an amazing young woman named Dawn Robinson for recently becoming the first para-athlete to participate in the Upper Township Beach Patrol’s (UTBP) MS Race. Dawn participated in the five-mile paddleboard race along with non-challenged athletes, including lifeguards and experienced paddlers.

Dawn is a member of the OC Swim Club’s Unified Team.  The OC Swim Club was launched by Bruckner Chase and his wife Michelle Evans-Chase to provide a safe, positive opportunity for people to experience the water.  In addition to working with non-challenged athletes at a wide range of levels, the OC Swim Club, in partnership with Bacharach, trains athletes with physical challenges.  In 2013, after being approached by his sister-in-law Becky McGill, a Bacharach PT working with spinal cord patients, Bruckner created a post-therapy swimming and paddling program for athletes with spinal cord injuries that would allow Bacharach patients to participate in aquatic sports in the open waters.  This program is called the Unified Team and is open to current and former Bacharach patients at no charge and para-athletes not affiliated with Bacharach at a minimal cost.

Bruckner shared, “I believe Dawn is as strong as any athlete we have trained.  Not only is she the first para-athlete to even take part in the UTBP race, she may also be only one of a handful of para-athletes to take part in a long distance paddleboard event. Dawn’s drive to challenge herself and reconnect with surfing after her injury inspires all individuals – with or without physical challenges. She wants to show everyone that they can accomplish amazing things whenthey overcome fear.”

Congratulations, Dawn!


Dawn Robinson (center) surrounded by paddlers/competition participants and Bruckner Chase, OC Swim Club Unified Team Co-Founder (immediately to the right of board) after her remarkable finish in the Upper Township Beach Patrol’s 5-Mile Paddleboard Race.  Photo Credit- Tony Mehalic, OCBP


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