Occupational Therapist Denise Graybill


Denise Graybill has been an Occupational Therapist with Bacharach for 25 years. Her career has provided the opportunity to work in every area the system has to offer. She recently began serving clients in their homes on a consistent basis. “I am truly honored to have a career which I can influence and impact a person’s life for the better, ” said Denise. “Home based therapy makes it more intimate and realistic. It encompasses what OT has to offer.”


Bacharach Home Therapy


The Occupational Therapist (OT) is an integral part of the home-based therapy team at Bacharach. An OT provides treatment which empowers clients to improve their abilities to participate in daily, meaningful activities. Occupational Therapists are trained specialists in activity analysis, and assessing a person’s environment and roles. They focus on what a person wants and needs to do. The home setting provides the perfect environment for an OT to address needs and progress a client. It’s a familiar, natural environment for the client allowing for customizable treatment.


OT promotes functional independence in all aspects of a person’s life. We treat across the lifespan and provide creative methods to assist a client in performing desired activities. We are experts in trouble shooting and adapting real life scenarios for improved client performance. In the home environment, strategies can be learned and implemented with ease. OT addresses needs of clients with both short-term and long-term issues. The OT promotes self-sufficiency, improving and maintaining independent function. We also provide support and training for caregivers to promote independence in their loved ones.


The All-Important Activities of Daily Living


An OT addresses a client’s Activity of Daily Living (ADL) needs which may include home safety recommendations, providing adaptive equipment training, physical training, educating on strategies for conditions such as low vision, cardiac, cognition, and mood. OT also promotes health and wellness. We assist a client in dealing with medical conditions by making physician recommendations manageable within their daily habits and routines.



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