Elaine Vergara, PT

Although Elaine Vergera, PT, grew up surrounded by family who worked in the medical field, she had aspirations of becoming a chemical engineer. It was not until she had a talk with her high school guidance counselor that she realized her true calling.

“Based on my scores on an aptitude test, my guidance counselor advised me against chemical engineering and explained that a job in the medical or social service industry would be a better fit for me,” explains Elaine. “After exploring different career options, I pursued physical therapy.”

Elaine Offers Physical Therapy on Renaissance Pavilion

Eleven years ago, Elaine joined Bacharach Institute for Rehabilitation.  She currently serves as a therapist at the Renaissance Pavilion, where patients come for a short-term rehabilitation.  They come to regain strength and independence after a hospital visit. In addition to treating patients, she is also responsible for welcoming and conducting initial evaluations.

Patients admitted into the Renaissance Pavilion are recovering from a variety of conditions, including orthopedic injuries, joint replacements and stroke. “I like the variety of patients I get to treat because every individual presents their own challenge,” says Elaine.

On average, patients stay at the Renaissance Pavilion for 14 days – getting stronger through skilled therapy.

“The goal of all patients at the Renaissance Pavilion is to go home,” explains Elaine. “It is so rewarding to help them regain their independence and achieve their goal of returning home. There is no better feeling than having a patient return in an outpatient setting and thank you for helping return them to the comfort of their own home.”

Before Bacharach

Before joining Bacharach, Elaine worked as a traveling therapist in a variety of settings, including hospitals and schools. But she didn’t find her home until she came to Bacharach.
“The therapists at the Renaissance Pavilion, or ‘RP Girls’ as we refer to ourselves, have become my family – they are always there if I need help,” says Elaine. “We take care of our patients like they are our own moms and dads.”


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