Emily Barnard, MS, CF, SLP helps patients with functional language

Galloway native Emily Barnard joined the Speech and Language Therapy team at Bacharach in April. She is a graduate of Seton Hall University for both her Bachelor of Science and her master’s degrees.


“I treat patients all across the lifespan,” said Emily recently. “I treat adults for conditions such as stroke, brain injury and Parkinson’s disease, “said Emily who is also certified in the Lee Silverman Voice Treatment program for people with Parkinson’s disease.


“I work with patients who have cognitive impairments, aphasia, and dysphagia. There are many types of aphasia. A person may experience difficulties with comprehension, speaking, reading, or writing. In aphasia therapy, we can work on functional phrases or expanding language. We may work on saying ‘I love you,’ phone numbers, addresses, family members’ names. When a patient is diagnosed with aphasia, there is no change in the person’s intelligence. There is just a breakdown in their ability to express themselves.”


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