For Amanda Gobbo, RN, working at Bacharach has become a family affair.

Her grandmother worked at Bacharach for 30 years in the cafeteria developing patient menus and her mother currently works at Bacharach as a Unit Clerk on the nursing floor.


“I’ve been with Bacharach for eight years and began working here when I was 18 years old,” said Amanda. “I started off working at the front desk, but I have moved around quite a bit and have worked in many different departments including: transportation, in-patient physical therapy and the sleep center.”


When Amanda first began at Bacharach she was working towards a criminal justice degree, but along the way she discovered that she did not have a passion for it.


“I was actually inspired by Bacharach to switch my career path from a lawyer to a nurse,” said Amanda. “I saw what the rehabilitation nurses were doing on a daily basis at Bacharach and decided that being a rehabilitation nurse was what I wanted to do.”


Currently, Amanda has a nursing internship with Bacharach where she is delivering care to Bacharach patients under the supervision of a nurse. She has helped care for orthopedic patients, patients recovering from stroke, brain trauma and more.


In addition to her internship, Amanda is also going to school online for her Bachelor’s of Science in nursing (BSN). “Going to school and working is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done,” said Amanda. “But I’m really excited to receive my BSN in a year and then I plan to get my rehabilitation nurse certification.”


Amanda loves working at Bacharach and knows that she is on the right path.


“I am so thankful for the opportunities I’ve had while working at Bacharach,” said Amanda. “I’ve received scholarship help from them for both my RN and my BSN through the Hollander Foundation’s Pauline Hollander Scholarship for Nurses and I got a job as a nurse at Bacharach right after graduating. Bacharach truly is a great place to work.”


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