Lisa Lange has been helping people overcome brain injury for 30 years.


Ever since Lisa Lange, MPT, CBIS,  served as a candy striper in high school, where she saw a patient with a hip replacement experience his first pain-free day in 10 years, she knew she wanted to pursue physical therapy.

Lange has worked at Bacharach for 30 years as a certified brain injury specialist and has worked with over a thousand patients with brain injury. Her passion for her work developed when she was in graduate school.


While earning her master’s at Hahnemann University Hospital she completed a program at Children’s Hospital National Medical Center in Washington D.C, where she worked with children who had suffered traumatic brain injuries.


“I got to see patients emerge from a coma, receive physical therapy, and be able to function again,” said Lange. “I was fascinated by working with people with traumatic brain injuries and helping them recover.”


Lange works with patients who are 17 and older.  In addition to addressing endurance, range of motion, strength, and balance to maximize functional ability she also focuses on cognition.


“I like to treat the world as my gym; to take my patients out of the standard setting and transition them into the real world,” said Lange.” I introduce them into more stimulating environments, including hospital hallways and even outdoors to attempt routine tasks. Everything is a teachable moment. Physical therapy is not just about getting strong legs and better balance. It’s important that the patient can function in everyday life.”


One of Lange’s favorite aspects of her job is when her patients visit her after they are discharged. She can see how far they have continued to progress and she often introduces them to current patients. Her former patients have been in their shoes, and their capabilities are an inspiration.


“I enjoy seeing former patients. It reminds me that I am doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing,” said Lange. “My job is to be a perpetual cheerleader, to give them hope and help them fight back. I love what I do! I make a difference in the world!”



Lisa Lange, MPT, CBIS


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