Nicole Sturgill, PT, DPT treats outpatient children and adults at Bacharach’s main campus.

South Jersey native Nicole Sturgill, PT, DPT hails from Northfield and then Egg Harbor Township, and went on to study nearby at Stockton.  “I went to school in in Vermont for a year, but I came back.”


She graduated from Stockton with a B.A. in Biology, and was accepted into the demanding and prestigious DPT program at Stockton University.  How did she do it?  “I had two jobs all through college, working as a secretary/aide at a physical therapy practice and also waitressing at the Ducktown Tavern in A.C.”


At Bacharach for five years, Nicole reflected on the reasons she became a physical therapist.


“When I was little my grandmother passed away and I knew I wanted to do something in the medical field.  I wanted to save people.  Then I realized that doctors work long hours and don’t really get to see their families.  Later I hurt my knee playing field hockey.  The doctor told me I would need surgery, but I went to a PT and I got better.  I have still never had the surgery.”


Rather than a favorite condition to treat, Nicole says, “I love the variety, particularly neuro and peds.  I love when it is a challenge, when I have to think critically to get a patient better. “


Her advice for students considering a career in physical therapy –  “Stick with it.  It is hard, but it is worth it.”


And on working at Bacharach, “My colleagues are some of my best friends.  We are really just a family.  It is great to work with people you can trust and who share the same interest of getting our patients where they need to be.”


And after all your hard work, when you graduated as a Doctor of Physical Therapy, did your mom cry?


“I know my mom cried and I am pretty sure my dad cried, too.”


We bet they did.


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