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Olubola Sode, BSN, MSN-Ed, CNML, Bacharach’s nursing education and clinical informatics coordinator, is constantly striving to gain new knowledge.

She recently went back to school for her Doctorate in Nursing Practice so she can try to optimize patient care and staff development across the board at Bacharach.


“Trying to raise my children, complete coursework and work full-time definitely wasn’t easy, but it was something I felt incredibly motivated to do,” said Sode. “In my role at Bacharach, I serve as a resource for the nurses, patients and other interdisciplinary team members. I am able to share what I have learned with the nurses at Bacharach to continue to develop their skills and practice. Even though the balance has been challenging, the staff at Bacharach has made it a little easier by being so supportive.”


Entirely online, Walden University’s Doctorate in Nursing Practice program consists of several 11-week courses, field and practicum experience and a project completion. Instead of focusing on one particular genre of nursing, the program looks at nursing practices and research, patient care and outcomes, policies and procedures, staff development and health care administration as a whole.


“It has been a great experience for me because I had an opportunity to learn alongside individuals from several areas of health care,” said Sode. “I took courses with nurses from many different settings, including military hospitals, oncology departments, intensive care units, emergency rooms and more.”


Sode is now in the final stages of the program, recently submitting her proposal on a training module for rehabilitation hospitals.


“The patients who are being admitted in rehabilitation hospitals have multiple comorbidities and an increase in acuity levels, thereby necessitating a complex level of care,” said Sode. “Due to the complex level of care needed, it is imperative that ongoing staff education is incorporated in training to help the staff become proficient in their areas of practice. The training module will assist the hospital with transitioning new and current staff nurses to become medical-surgical nurses in a rehabilitation environment and optimize patient outcome.”


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