Gabe Staino, Senior Development Officer 

Gabe Staino, senior development officer for the Bacharach Hospital Foundation, seeks charitable contributions for Bacharach.


These contributions provide critical funding and play an integral role helping Bacharach fulfill its mission of restoring patients’ independence and well-being through quality, caring, advocacy and accessible interdisciplinary services.  Gabe identifies donors, foundations and partners who wish to support Bacharach through philanthropic contributions.  He explained, “The Foundation has an incredible impact on our sustainability, and my goal is to expand its role even further so we can build upon and move forward the good work that we do here.”


Bacharach continues to embrace the most advanced technology and lead the rehabilitation industry in incorporating new techniques to enhance the clinically proven practices in place today.  According to Gabe, “Philanthropy becomes crucial when we are talking about the ability to obtain emerging technology and make it available to our community.” One of the projects Gabe has been working on is generating the funding necessary to create a neurological  restorative area at Bacharach that will be equipped with the state-of-the-art advanced robotic technologies.  There is tremendous promise in robotic technology, as recent studies have shown the use of robots in therapy can have great benefit for  patients recovering from stroke, brain injury, spinal cord injury, MS, Parkinson’s and many other neurological conditions. Robotics can actually reroute brain activity around damaged areas and facilitate regaining the use of impacted areas of the body.


Gabe explained, “A patient with an involved arm due to stroke or another injury has therapy by sitting at a computer station with his or her arm attached to a robotic arm and a joystick in hand.  The robot moves the arm and hand as the patient plays a video game. Initially, the robot moves the patient’s arm, progressively doing less and less as the patient develops the strength and dexterity needed to move the joystick on their own.”  This technology is available for not only hands and arms, but ankles, elbows and shoulders as well.   Another groundbreaking new technology, the ReWalk Robotic Exoskeleton, enables spinal cord-injured patients to walk. Bacharach is the only facility in the region where ReWalk training is available.


There are many options available for individuals and organizations who are interested in making a major gift to the Bacharach Foundation, ranging from writing a check, giving stock or securities to larger gifts like charitable trusts, bequests and other planned gifts as well as corporate donations.  There is also an easy to use and secure donation link at


There are also a multitude of naming opportunities at Bacharach, including naming an area or building for a loved one, which is actually how Bacharach got its start.  In 1924, the sons of Betty Bacharach pooled their money and bought a facility in Longport. They named it the Betty Bacharach Home for Afflicted Children as a tribute to their mother..  Those interested in directing their gifts to support a specific area such as pediatrics, robotics or transportation can contact Gabe to discuss in more detail. Gabe is available to talk to anyone interested in making a major donation to support Bacharach’s mission and will tailor the gift to meet each individual’s specific goals.  He is happy to visit with potential donors at his Bacharach office in Pomona or a location of their choosing.  Gabe can be reached or  609-568-2310.


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