LOVE Your Heart with Cardiac Rehab, from Ronn Franceschini and John DeFeo

February is American Heart Month.  Bacharach is committed to sharing important heart information this month to help drive community awareness about maintaining heart health.

According to Ronn Franceschini, M.Ed CSCS, Bacharach’s Director of Cardio Pulmonary Services, “The benefits of cardiac rehab are impressive –  the research speaks for itself. Studies indicate a 47 percent lower risk of death for patients who complete a 12-week therapy session following hospitalization over a 5-year follow-up period, compared to those who only attended one session. The bottom line: you’ll live longer with a 12-week therapy session.”


Doctors Only Refer 20 – 30 Percent of Appropriate Patients to Cardiac Rehab


Ronn notes that in the U.S., doctors only refer 20 – 30 percent of their patients to cardiac rehab. “When it comes to your health, you need to be your own advocate.”

Bacharach’s Phase II Cardiac Rehabilitation service is a 12-week supervised outpatient program that helps patients recovering from a cardiac issue and other conditions, upon release from the hospital. The program strengthens the heart, lungs and overall condition, helping patients resume normal activities.

The Bacharach Cardiac Rehab team utilizes a holistic, multidisciplinary approach by educating patients on diet, exercise and stress management to help them live longer and healthier lives. Patients can enter the rehab program after receiving a referral from their cardiologist.

Monitored Exercise


The supervised program of monitored exercise therapy utilizes treadmills, bicycles, rowing, arm ergometers, stair machines and weights while the patient’s vital signs and symptoms are being monitored.

Ronn recommends that patients complete 35 visits throughout the 12-week program. Following the program, the Cardiac Rehab team will work with the cardiologist to determine if the patient can return to work or participate in physical activities.

For more information on Bacharach’s Cardiac Rehabilitation Center, call 609-748-2091.




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