Fernando Colon, OT stands next to the InMotionARM neurorecovery robot.

“The InMotionARM provides robotic assisted neurotherapy focused on the upper extremity,” says Fernando Colon, OT.

The InMotionARM features video challenges that patients address using a joystick and a robotic arm.  The patients are trying to move the arm in such a way that they hit the targets on the screen.

“For patients who have significant weakness after brain injury, stroke, or other neurological conditions, you can do a lot with traditional therapy.  But the InMotionARM robot is assistive and interactive.  The technology calibrates to whatever movement the patient has, and then assists.  It really does help with developing new neurological pathways.”

Unlike traditional therapy, there is feedback on how the patient is doing at every session.

Data Driven, Goal Oriented

“The patient’s main goal is to move the arm to specific targets, which drives their motivation.  It is goal oriented, and that’s why I love it.  Secondly, I love how data driven it is.  It can pick up on the most minute numbers – and measure how fast the patient’s movement is, how accurate it is relative to the target, and how much assistance is required.”

“The patient sees those numbers, so every time they try, they review and try to surpass what they did last time. “

“The goal is to perform the movements unassisted.”

“I love the data and being able to document the growth in specific areas.  The patients like it, too.  They have the opportunity to try to get the target and you see them posturing, they perk up in the chair, they become really competitive working so hard to get to the target.  When you see that you know the messages firing in the brain are astronomical.”

The InMotionARM improves movement in shoulder, back, triceps and biceps and even to a degree the wrist and fingers.

“The best part is that as movement improves, so does function. So now a patient might be able to put his shirt on or take his shirt off, or after 3 or 4 sessions, comb his hair.  That’s the best part.”


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