Federally funded programs, like Bacharach’s Arthritis Pool Program, provide financial assistance to seniors

Thanks to collaboration between Atlantic County and Bacharach, Atlantic County seniors can take advantage of federally-funded programs to access free therapy services. These include an Arthritis Pool program, a Cardiac Rehab Phase III program and an Otago Exercise and Fall Prevention program.

Arthritis Pool Therapy

Aquatic therapy offers so many benefits for people suffering from arthritis. It can ease pain, reduce swelling and stress on joints, help with mobility, improve balance and range of motion and so much more.
Located at Bacharach’s main campus, the heated therapy pool is a comfy 94 degrees, providing extra comfort to people with arthritis. Plus, it provides a nice social, interactive environment for seniors.
Seniors can choose from two one-hour classes during the week – lead by qualified staff. The Older Americans Act funds the program.  It is open to individuals who are over age 60, reside in Atlantic County, have a diagnosis for arthritis and meet certain financial requirements. To inquire about the free classes, call 609-748-5250 to receive information and an application.

Cardiac Rehab Phase III Program

As patients graduate from Bacharach’s Cardiac Rehab Phase II, they have the choice of continuing into a regular gym setting or participating in Phase III of Bacharach’s Cardiac Rehab Program. However, the cost can be daunting to some seniors.
Phase III – the last phase in the Cardiac Rehab Program – assists patients recovering from a previous heart condition by building off the lifestyle changes made in Phase II and incorporating exercise to remain healthy. During Phase III, a therapist monitors blood pressure at rest and during exercise and makes adjustments to the exercise plan as needed.Jerry Terramagra, a Phase III participant, describes his experience with the program like this: “You can stay home and sit on the couch and feel sorry for yourself . . . or you can come to cardiac rehab, feel better and get stronger. It’s like a party!”

To receive financial assistance for Phase III, an individual must be over 60; reside in Atlantic County; fall within the financial requirements and be a graduate of Phase II.

Otago Exercise and Fall Prevention Program

Seniors can reduce falls up to 35% through the Otago Exercise and Fall Prevention Program. This evidence-based strength, balance and exercise program was created for high risk older adults.
After an evaluation, seniors receive skilled therapy until they can safely and correctly perform 17 exercises. After mastering the 17 exercises, patients are expected to perform them daily at home. Bacharach staff will call participants monthlyto make sure the exercises are being completed. If participant report that they are not exercising, or have has a set-back, they may also require home or office visits.

Medicare covers physical therapy with a co-pay. Otago funding is for anyone who doesn’t have Medicare or supplemental funding. To receive financial assistance, an individual must be over 60; reside in Atlantic County; lack Medicare or supplemental funding; have fallen in the last year or have balance or dizziness issues.
For more information, call 609-748-5491.


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