Gail Santora, PT

I’ve been with at Bacharach for 18 years and have enjoyed working in various locations starting with Mays Landing, covering Vineland for several months, EHT, Atlantic City and then at the JCC.


In 2012 I was looking to change up the pace as on most days, I felt I had more pain than my patients did! There was a new posting seeking a PT to start up outpatient therapy in the home. This sounded like an exciting, new opportunity that fit my need for decreasing the physical demand in the job over the course of the day.



Little did I know how many times I’d be crawling around on the floor, working in cramped spaces and awkward positions!!! It was just a new type of physical challenge.


Many people have commented on how exciting it must be to retire however, on Monday I will wake up and go to work again as I continue to work per diem. I see myself graduating into retirement.


First things on the bucket list are to get a dog and get to the beach this summer 😊.


I’ve had the pleasure of working under various managers and with many wonderful people at Bacharach! Thanks to all for making the final leg of my career a great experience!


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