Mora Pluchino, PT, DPT

Bacharach pediatric physical therapist Mora Pluchino, PT, DPT, has some great game ideas for parents home with kids for the unplanned staycation we are all enduring.

Here are 5 ways to get the kids moving and exercising without realizing it because they are having so much fun.

Go outside!

While we all have to practice social distancing, we don’t have to stay indoors. Get outside. Ride a bike around the neighborhood. Walk the dog. Take a hike. Garden. Enjoy your swing set. Draw with chalk in the driveway or on the patio. Blow bubbles and catch them. Have relay races in the back yard. Play kickball or soccer.

Bad weather?

Have your kid play “Cinderella.” We adults may dislike cleaning, but to a kid, it’s a novel idea. Teach them to scrub the bathtub walls with a kid safe cleaner. Break out the Swiffer mop. Teach your kiddo to use the attachments on the vacuum to catch all the “dust bunnies.” Hand out a dusting wand and let them “paint” your baseboard clean! Get them a lint free cloth or newspapers and some Windex and enjoy some clean windows!

Have a Dance Party

Log on to YouTube and follow GoNoodle. Pull up your kiddoes’ favorite tunes and have a rockin’ dance party! Introduce them to your favorite songs from when YOU were a kid! Practice old moves like the Mashed Potato, the Charleston, the Grapevine and the Twist!

Moving Game Workout

Got some couch potatoes who just want to sit watch a movie? Make it a “Moving Game!” Create a list of movie scenarios and have your child do an exercise every time it happens in the movie.
For example:
“Frozen 2” Work Out:
10 Squats every time Elsa hears the Siren
8 push-ups every time Kristoff tries to propose
11 jumping jacks every time someone sings a song
3 burpees every time Elsa sees the water horse or tries to leave Ana

“Star Wars” Work Out:
Marching 10 times in place whenever you see storm troopers
10 jumping jacks during any light saber battle
3 burpees whenever there is a space ship/ pod race
10 bicycle kicks whenever someone uses the force

Video Games

Don’t forget about exercise video games. Dig out your Wii, X-box Kinect, or any version of Just Dance or Dance Dance Revolution! If you don’t have an exercise based game, make your kiddo stand to play or march along with racing games to keep them moving!


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