Jennifer Delfiandra, PT, DPT performing the Graston Technique 

October is National Physical Therapy Month.

Each week this month we have been highlighting our physical therapists and some of the unique and innovative treatments they are using to help patients meet their goals.


The Graston Technique is an advanced method of soft tissue mobilization using specially designed stainless steel instruments that break up adhesions and scar tissue, reduce swelling, and eliminate soft tissue dysfunction. This allows the patient to gain a greater range of motion and reduces pain.


Any patient, from pediatric to adult, who suffers from any type of soft tissue dysfunction, such as tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, rotator cuff tendinosis, carpal tunnel syndrome, plantar fasciitis or muscle spasms, can benefit from the Graston Technique. It is also used for total knee replacement, spinal fusion, plantar fasciitis, and for patients suffering from increased muscle tone due to stroke or cerebral palsy.


The various instruments have different treatment surface areas that allow both the therapist and the patient to feel the soft tissue dysfunction in the muscular system. Often the therapy is done over bare skin with lotion to help minimize friction.


“During the therapy patients will feel little bumps or vibrations over an area if there is dysfunction there,” said Jennifer Delfiadra, PT, DPT, a physical therapist certified in the Graston Technique who works in Outpatient services at Bacharach’s Main Campus. “The technique allows patients to feel what the therapist feels, and they become more in tune with their body, which is important.”


The technique is beneficial because it allows therapists to treat a broader area in less time than other manual therapy techniques.


“For the most part my patients have had a positive experience with the Graston Technique because they can feel themselves getting better,” said Delfiadra. “This technique makes patients more aware of the gains they are making from therapy.  This is very comforting to them both physically and mentally


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