According to the Hearing Loss Association of America, 48 million Americans experience some degree of hearing loss – a number that has doubled in recent years.

After arthritis and diabetes, hearing loss is the third most common condition, and due to its lack of visible symptoms, is one of the most undiagnosed health conditions in America.


Janet Revelle, AuD, director of Audiology at Bacharach, says, “Most people don’t realize their hearing is changing because they can’t feel it. Unfortunately, untreated hearing loss can contribute to many other physical, social and mental health conditions, including withdrawal, anxiety, depression and dementia.”


“New research has uncovered a correlation between hearing loss and dementia,” says Dr. Revelle. “The cognitive decline is entirely linked to brain function. Hearing loss can overwork the brain, causing it to strain to understand what is being said. This cognitive overload forces the brain to draw resources from other functions, including working memory. In an attempt to maintain the gist of the conversation, the brain pulls from different memories. This extra strain causes the brain to shrink over time, slows processing speed and causes cognition to rapidly deteriorate. Getting ahead of the decline through early intervention with hearing aids could prevent long term cognitive issues down the road.”


To address hearing loss and the complications it can cause, Bacharach offers an array of services to improve hearing. A team of expert audiologists provide comprehensive diagnostic services to determine the type and degree of hearing loss, create individualized treatment plans and offer a variety of options for improving hearing health. Patients are prescribed  individualized hearing aid fittings as well as caption telephones, assistive listening devices and counseling to cope with the effects of hearing loss.


“At Bacharach, hearing health care is a priority – whether the patient is pediatric or geriatric,” says Dr. Revelle. “Hearing plays such a vital role in communication, cognition and environmental safety, so it is a critical health concern for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.”


Bacharach offers audiology services for all age groups at the Hearing Centers in Pomona and Somers Point. To learn more, call 609-748-5370 for Pomona or 609-601-8590 for Somers Point.


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