We would like to thank the Holly Beach Public Library Association for their generous gift of $50,000, which allowed us to give our ADL suite in the occupational therapy gym a makeover.


“ADL” is short for “activities of daily living.”  Occupational therapy is devoted in large part to making sure that patients can perform the activities of daily living safely and independently.   Tasks that healthy people take for granted, like dressing and bathing, become daunting when people are debilitated or ill.


In an authentic home-like setting such as our ADL suite, patients can re-learn the activities of daily living, and master strategies to care for themselves safely, which is the key to going home.


The newly renovated Holly Beach ADL suite boasts fresh paint and lighting upgrades.  The stove, refrigerator, counter tops, flooring and carpet are all brand new.  In addition, the closets have been refurbished with new shelves and a fashionable barn door.   We have also redecorated the space with paintings done by former patient and artist Doortje Fenwick, who donated the art, making the entire project even more meaningful.


Bacharach’s occupational therapy team offers a wide-range of treatment options with the goal of helping patients regain personal skills and achieve independence after an injury. In grateful appreciation for the donation, Bacharach has renamed the entire OT space the Holly Beach Occupational Therapy Gym.


The Holly Beach Occupational Therapy Gym will provide our patients with a state-of-the art facility where they can learn and practice the techniques that will help them to return to good health and independence.


Holly Beach OT art

Patient art is displayed in the new suite. 
The painting above was done by Doortje Fenwick, Bacharach Patient


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