Jessica Soltys, PT, MPT, has practiced physical therapy in a traditional office setting, but now she is spending more than half of her time each week offering physical therapy in the home.

Unlike traditional therapy for people who are homebound, Bacharach physical therapy in the home is available to people for all sorts of reasons.

“It might be an option for a caregiver who has a spouse who can’t be left alone, or for someone who is reluctant to depend on others for transportation,” said Jessica. In many cases, home PT is a welcome option for people who just aren’t quite strong enough for an outpatient schedule.

“I see a big variety of patients,” said Jessica, “They range from people who have had CVA, post-op total hip replacement or total knee replacement, to back pain and shoulder pain. Lots of Parkinson’s patients because I am LSVT Big certified. I also have self-referrals from people who have seen me in the past and wanted to see me again.”

“What I like best about home therapy is that I get to see my patients in their natural environment. I can see their problems first hand. So it’s one thing for a patient to simulate what they think their challenges at home will be when they are in the outpatient setting. It’s entirely different when I am there and actually helping someone get up their steps after back surgery.”

She says that she usually sees her home therapy patients twice a week for about 6 weeks. “I get to know my patients pretty well, as well as the whole family.”

Patty Brick, PT, MS Brings a Wealth of Experience to her Patients’ Care

Patty Brick, PT, MS, also sees physical therapy clients in their homes. Patty has been practicing for almost 40 years, working in acute care and rehab, and has managed a subacute center. She owns a private practice and has taught PTAs at Atlantic Cape Community College.

Many of her patients are post-joint replacement or post-surgery. “What I like about doing services in the home is that I see the patient’s actual living environment and I see their regular routines, or the routines they are trying to return to, and I can assess their safety and efficiency. I use standardized outcome tools and evidence based practices. I am a Board Certified Geriatric Clinical Specialist. Two years ago I became a Certified Exercise Expert for the Aging Adult, which gives me another whole set of tools to assess each patient and create interventions that address their primary diagnosis as well as their risk of falls, endurance for household and community activities and their quality of life.”

Jessica and Patty join our team of clinical experts who look forward to guiding patients back to independence through physical therapy in the home.
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