Who doesn’t appreciate the comfort of their own home?  And when you’re healing from an injury or on the road to recovery after surgery, there’s no place like home sweet home.

For the past 15 years, Randi Dellova, PT, has been welcomed into people’s homes to deliver physical therapy treatment.

“I was always interested in home physical therapy and especially enjoy the one-on-one time I get to spend with my patients,” says Randi.


Bacharach Expands Home Therapy Program


Randi joined Bacharach five years ago when it was expanding its outpatient home therapy program. She spends her days on the road treating home-bound patients in southern Ocean and northern Atlantic counties.


“Many patients who require physical therapy cannot leave their home,” explains Randi. “They are always so grateful when you come to them. It is important to them to be able to gain their independence and get back out into their community – which is the main goal of our program.”


To create a clinic-like setting, Randi travels with weights, resistance bands, a stationary bike and other equipment the patient needs to complete their program. “They get the same therapy experience they would be getting in a clinic, in the comfort of their home.”


Therapy and Home Assessments

During her visits, Randi provides physical therapy treatment and conducts home assessments. “I observe how my patients navigate their homes and identify what they need to change to help improve their living arrangement. I suggest improvements that can help them function better, such as adding a commode or raised toilet seat,” says Randi.


The majority of patients respond well to outpatient home physical therapy, and some even have the opportunity to transition to an outpatient setting.


“Home physical therapy creates a strong bond between a patient and therapist because you are working in such an intimate setting.  Seeing my patients improve during each visit is truly rewarding,” says Randi.


To learn more about Bacharach’s outpatient home therapy program visit https://www.bacharach.org/services/bacharach-therapy-in-the-home/ or call 609-652-7000.


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