Yasmin inspired her sister Leila Kohute to choose a career in occupational therapy.

“Yasmin is my sister and my loved one who has Down Syndrome,” says Leila Kohute, OT. “She is my inspiration and the reason I became on Occupational Therapist. When she was born, she had many challenges with just surviving and being able to eat without a feeding tube. Occupational therapy helped her to eat, sit up, crawl and master many other basic skills she needed throughout childhood. She will be 33 years old this month and continues to bring joy and love into the lives of everyone she meets.”




October is National Down Syndrome Awareness Month. We asked Leila what the role of occupational therapy is in helping people with Down Syndrome.


“OTs work with individuals who have Down Syndrome across the lifespan. They work in the home, school and outpatient setting to help a child with Down Syndrome achieve maximum independence with self-care activities, play, and participation in school.”




“Most individuals with Down Syndrome have developmental delays and it is essential for their development that they work with an Occupational therapist.”


“OT addresses fine and gross motor skills, sensory processing, feeding, social skills and play to achieve developmental milestones.  OT doesn’t necessarily end for someone with Down Syndrome when they turn 21. An OT can work with them to achieve their maximum potential for working, leisure and homemaking through adulthood.”


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