Ronn Franceschini, M.Ed. and his Cardiac Rehab Team


Experiencing chronic chest pain?

Don’t ignore the signs. You may be suffering from angina, a symptom of coronary artery disease. While surgical procedures like a stent or bypass may be suitable for some individuals, Bacharach offers a non-invasive approach: Enhanced External Counter Pulsation (EECP).

Bacharach’s EECP program to reduce or eliminate chest pain is the only one in southern New Jersey.  Director of Cardio Pulmonary Services/Emergency Management, Ron Franceschini, M.Ed CSCS, encourages patients to learn more about this non-surgical alternative treatment option.

“EECP can be an excellent treatment for patients,” says Ronn. “One of my patients who had underlying health issues, including diabetes and obesity, experienced multiple chest pain episodes per day. After the 10th EECP visit, he noticed EECP working especially well.  It was decreasing the frequency of loss of breath and increasing he amount of time he spent working as a mechanic. After completing his full treatment at Bacharach, he is now down to one episode per week.”

What is EECP?

It is a revolutionary non-invasive solution to combatting angina, chest pain that is caused by a reduction of blood flow to the heart. There are no needles or catheters.
Patients are wrapped with three pairs of external inflatable cuffs applied around the lower legs, upper legs and buttocks while reclining on a padded table. The cuffs inflate and deflate in between heartbeat resting periods. The pressure when the cuffs inflate increases blood flow to the heart- ultimately reliving angina symptoms without surgery.

What is EECP treatment Like?

Patients will undergo this treatment 5 days a week for 1 hour for 7 weeks.
“EECP patients wear special leotards to create a barrier between the skin and cuffs so there’s no skin breakdown,” says Ronn. This treatment is a segway into a healthier lifestyle.  For example, 80% of patients report EECP significantly decreased or eliminated chest pain all together. “With the less pain they have- the more they’ll do. It creates a snowball effect with some of our patients enrolling into our cardiac rehab program after completing EECP,” says Ronn.


Who Qualifies for EECP?

• Patients who have frequent chest pain caused by angina
• People who are not eligible for invasive procedures such as a stent or bypass
• Individuals who have already gone through a stent or bypass procedure and need additional medical assistance
“The classic patient would be following a catherization and no stent is indicated because the percentage isn’t high enough or the artery isn’t stentable. These patients are ones that would be an ideal candidate for EECP,” says Ronn.

How do you get a referral for EECP treatments?

If you or someone you know is suffering from chronic chest pain, consult a cardiologist about EECP. Referrals typically come from cardiologists or internal medicine physicians once a patient has indicated angina classification or a similar disability. In addition, once a physician prescription referral is received, the patient will undergo an evaluation. The specialists at Bacharach will determine if EECP will be successful. Bacharach operates on a Canadian classification with patients needing to be around a 3 in order to qualify for the EECP treatment.

Why Choose EECP?

• Safe
• Comfortable
• Non-Invasive
• Lower Health Risks
• Minor health side effects
• Minimal future medical issues
• FDA-Approved
To learn more about EECP or to schedule an appointment, please call 609-748-2091


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