Janet Revelle, AuD

I came to Bacharach in 1984 after my first job in Youngstown, Ohio, not knowing how lucky I was to be returning to my hometown and joining a staff of skilled, caring and compassionate professionals who provided a high-quality team approach to patient centered care.


Initially I was the only audiologist who evaluated each patient entering the rehabilitation center. Working together with the therapists and physiatrists to treat many types of patients allowed me to continue to grow professionally and personally.


In the following years, our staff has grown to include four Doctors of Audiology, providing a full range of advanced diagnostic services at two separate locations. We use state of the art equipment and follow best practices to ensure optimal patient outcomes.

In our field of communication, we meet patients ranging from newborns to seniors who may require our services for years after their first evaluation.


I have been fortunate to establish special relationships with professionals, colleagues, patients, and families who reach out to us for continued specialized care. Many of our current patients have been coming to us since infancy and are now successful adults functioning well with hearing devices and auditory rehabilitation. It is a privilege to be part of the team involved in their journeys.


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