Jessica Soltys, PT, MPT, CIMT

Jessica Soltys, MPT, Clinical Director of Bacharach Physical Therapy Tuckerton, has just become certified through Great Lakes Seminars as a certified integrated manual therapist.


Manual therapists use hands on techniques to put pressure on muscle tissue and manipulate joints.


They do this to increase mobility, reduce swelling, decrease pain, and promote healing.


Certified integrated manual therapists learn to find dysfunction, fix it, retrain the dysfunctional area, strengthen it, and return it to function.


The Bigger Picture


“Great Lakes teaches joint mobilization/manipulation, myofascial techniques, and muscle energy techniques,” says Jessica. “The bigger picture is a way of thinking about patient care, looking for the ‘driver’ of patient’s pain by looking at joint, muscle, fascia and compensation that may be contributing to dysfunction.”


The certification process is long and rigorous.


“There are nine courses to take prior to sitting for synthesis through Great Lakes Seminars. Once the coursework is completed, you are eligible to sit for synthesis. They send a course outline and recommend at least 6 months of study prior to taking the exam. Synthesis is four days long; the first three days are a quick review, teaching advanced techniques, and ‘connecting the dots.’”


“The fourth day is a comprehensive written exam, oral exam, and practical exam. Each section must be passed with an 85% or higher to become certified.”


“During my studying, Eve Atwell (also a CIMT) would meet with me periodically to test my knowledge and technique, Kim Cullen, PT, DPT also met with us to be our ‘patient.’”



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