John Santosuosso, Jr., PT

Overuse injuries affect millions of Americans each year and John Santosuosso, Jr., PT, Clinical Director of Bacharach’s Galloway Physical Therapy and Hand Center, has seen his fair share.


Since the office is located within a gym environment, John treats athletes of all ages – many of whom are dealing with overuse injuries affecting shoulders, knees, and ankles.  “One of the most common overuse injuries we see is shoulder tendonitis in throwing athletes, where the same throwing motion is repeatedly performed,” says John.

John Santosuosso on the treadmill on his lunch break.


Overuse injuries are not caused by repetitive motion only, but also infrequent stretching, improper mechanics, unbalanced strength, and limited rest.


“Young athletes are changing in their body size, weight, mechanics and coordination in the early years which can all contribute as well to injuries if proper balances are not achieved,” says John.


Athletes are not the only ones affected by overuse injuries– people working at desk jobs, construction sites and many other settings are also vulnerable. “Carpal tunnel is one of the most common overuse injuries, and it can develop from writing and typing,” says John. “Individuals should be aware of how the activities they perform each day affect their body – and make sure they are listening to those telltale signs that something is not right and have it addressed before it becomes a chronic situation.”


Bacharach physical therapists perform range of motion exercises, manual therapy, stretching, bracing, taping, and various modalities to help individuals recover from an overuse injury.


John notes that one of the best ways to prevent an overuse injury is to get a full body workout when exercising or training – and to especially focus on the core.


“Stretching is also a key component of any workout because it helps with your body’s recovery,” he adds.


To contact John Santosuosso for an evaluation, you can call Bacharach Physical Therapy at Galloway Tilton Fitness, 609-404-4600.



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